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    Eric Hosmer, King of Diamonds

    by Sean Thorenson



  3. End of the season baseball.

    Each summer we buy a bunch of soft baseballs to play catch with and run the dogs simultaneously. As the summer goes on I am less likely to take them away after the game is over and this happens. This is the last of the batch.


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    LITTLE THINGS bkatherinewirick

    The 2006 interview can be heard here.

    Additional research from Jane Leavy’s Sandy Koufax: A Lefty’s Legacy (HarperCollins, 2002).

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    Veteran first baseman Carlos Pena remembered one of his frequent encounters with Ichiro. He was defending first for the Tampa Bay Rays, and Ichiro had just arrived on one of his patented infield hits. Ichiro peered over at Pena and asked, “Que coño tu mira?,” or, “What the hell are you looking at?” Pena clamped his lips together to prevent the laughter from bursting through.

    Ichiro says he cannot carry a conversation in Spanish, which he has gradually picked up during his years in baseball. But, contrary to his stoic image, he feels compelled to engage Latin players.

    "I feel a bond with them," he said. "We’re all foreigners in a strange land. We’ve come over here and had to cope with some of the same trials and tribulations. When I throw a little Spanish out at them, they really seem to appreciate it and it seems to strengthen that bond. And besides, we don’t really have curse words in Japanese, so I like the fact that the Western languages allow me to say things that I otherwise can’t."

    - Brad Lefton (Wall Street Journal)

    Read the rest: "Ichiro Suzuki Uncensored, en Español"

    Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America

    h/t @daigofuji


  6. Safeco Field
    Rangers v Mariners
    Wednesday August 27



  8. Hillsboro Hops


  9. Hillsboro, OR
    August 22, 2014


  10. Hillsboro stadium from right field.