1. Hillsboro Hops


  2. Hillsboro, OR
    August 22, 2014


  3. Hillsboro stadium from right field.


  4. King in a king hat (not a crown PFT fans).


  5. Lowish rider, Hops parking pass in the reflection.


  6. tm31415:


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  7. ladodgers:

    Only this guy could make a check swing exciting.

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  8. ladodgers:

    The Dude rolls on Fridays.

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  9. Via Jim Carlisle (@VCSJimCarlisle)
    7/29/14, 9:07 PM
    Vin Scully and wife Sandra after the announcement that Vin will return to the Dodgers for his 66th season… pic.twitter.com/zZqxcY0ZF7

    This is excellent for so many reasons.